Comcast opens new customer service center in Newark

Comcast has unveiled its new 150,000 square-foot, Class A facility in New Castle County. The call center, located within the Christiana Corporate Center at 400 Commerce Drive in Newark, is now the new home for more than 700 Comcast employees who support residential customers from across the Northeast, as well as more than 100 who help monitor and manage Comcast’s network for business and residential customers.  This new center is part of Comcast’s commitment to improve the customer experience.  Over the last three years, Comcast has invested more than $1 billion in this effort. 

The vacant facility was completely renovated to feature ergonomic, height-adjustable workstations; collaboration and meeting spaces; a state-of-the-art workout facility; cafeteria; green spaces; ample parking; and more. By bringing the two teams together, the new facility will foster teamwork and encourage a more collaborative, cross-functional environment that will ultimately enhance the employee and customer experience, officials said in a statement.

All Comcast employees working out of current call centers at 4008 N. DuPont Highway, New Castle and 300 N. Wakefield Dr., Newark, began moving into the new facility earlier this year. The new facility is just a few miles away from the current centers.

“We are bringing our workforce together to create an environment for our employees to do their best work for the thousands of customers they support every day,” said Freedom Region Senior Vice President Jim Samaha. “This is an investment in the tools, technology, and people that help us on our journey to deliver a truly outstanding customer experience.”

Designed with environmental sustainability in mind, the new facility is consciously bringing natural and organic elements into the space to help employees reduce stress and increase concentration. LED light fixtures are used inside and out to consume less electricity than incandescent or fluorescent lighting, and an upgraded central HVAC system provides a form of heat recovery to save additional energy.

Comcast employs more than 1,100 employees in 29 facilities in Delaware. In 2017, Comcast contributed more than $13 million to the state economy in direct taxes, fees, and permits, plus more than $800,000 in cash and in-kind contributions in Delaware communities. 

Source: Comcast

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