Over 300 Four-Legged Friends Rescued Ahead Of Hurricane Dorian End Up In Delaware

The Brandywine SPCA is deep in rescue mode for evacuations of shelter pets from the coastal Carolinas.

Yesterday they were a central point for a 191-animal airlift rescue to New Castle County Airport from the Hilton Head area. At 2 am this morning they received 122 more animals from Jasper County at the Animal Rescue Center, and this afternoon they will welcome 45 more animals at the rescue center from the Outer Banks.

Dogs are being prepared for adoption at our three locations (West Chester, New Castle, Georgetown); they should be ready by the end of the week, possibly sooner.

On Tuesday the Brandywine SPCA was asking for donations of newspaper, towels, sheets, and wet cat and dog food.

If you’ve been thinking of adopting, now is a great time to either rescue a hurricane evacuee or adopt a local pet to make space for a hurricane pet to move from our rescue center to our adoption centers., read a post on the organizations Facebook page.

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